Are you looking for a high-performance waterborne system
with which you can also apply dark (textured) lacquer
without any clouds or spray trails?  

Our water-based Duthoo Hydrocoat system has no equal in the painting of sectional doors. After a short familiarization period and with the technical assistance of our experts, you will get rid of some of the typical inconveniences when spraying larger surfaces in delicate colors. Conveniently, the system brings with it a VOC reduction of 85% compared to classic solvent systems. In addition, you work in an environment free from the smell of solvents.

Do you occasionally receive reports of color regression 
from customers regarding gates you installed several 
years ago? 

This should not be the case. Thanks to their high UV resistance, our products are offered by us with a 10-year guarantee according to Qualicoat standards. In addition, we have a wide range of maintenance products that extend the durability of your painted surfaces. That way, any faded colors can be upgraded again.

Torck about Duthoo:

Duthoo has been our regular coatings supplier for many years. Besides punctual deliveries and correct cooperation, we can always count on their expertise and advice for our coat work. Because of this, we manage to make a difference for our end customer and deliver a good product.

Looking for the right color for 
the finish of your sectional gates?

In addition to all RAL colors, you can also choose a powder coating color from our gigantic color database. After all, our specialty is reproducing powder colors in wet lacquer. Whether you need textured colors, with metallics or anodized look, our experts are ready every day to create an exact replica based on your powder code or color sample.

Do you think you are not getting the optimum 
from your painting process?

We will gladly examine your coating process without any obligation in order to make recommendations for optimal performance. Due to years of expertise we built up in this sector, we guarantee you’ll save out on the entire painting process. Feel free to ask for our references.

Do your dark panels or profiles sometimes 
suffer from deformation during hot days?

Meet our Duthoo Cool Pigment. This keeps your panels and profiles from deforming, making them fit just as well during warmer temperatures. Thanks to our Cool Pigment additive, the surface temperature can be drastically reduced.

Are you looking for repair or maintenance 
products for sectional doors?