Do you want to be inspired by new trends or timeless 
classics in colors, textures & finishes?

Feel free to drop by our showroom. There you can let your creative vision run wild. 

Are you looking for colours 
that are an exact match? 

Developing colors is what we do best. Based on your desired result, we can reproduce a (powder) color in stain or wet paint. We also have an extensive standard database of already developed colors to choose from. 

Are you looking for a partner who responds 
to innovation to provide you with the most 
efficient service every time?

At Duthoo, time does not stand still. We are constantly trying to optimize our processes and products to provide our customers with a smooth, dedicated service. Take our Duthoo Hydrocoat system, for example, which introduces a water-based paint system that is less harmful to the environment. Moreover, it also betters the preservation of PVC, aluminium and other metals.