Do you regularly have damaged bicycle frames 
that you want to repair without having to
 repaint them completely?

Repairing or touching up paint damage is no easy task and often specialist work. With our expertise, we can offer you the necessary support in working out a complete paint repair process. With the use of the right spraying material, a correctly adjusted color and a specific working procedure, we offer you the most suitable solution.

Do you have parts that have not yet been painted,
but which should have the same 
color as the bicycle frame?

You can paint these parts (batteries, luggage racks, etc.) with our products. Using a color sample or the correct powder code, we will make an exact replica.

Are you looking for a suitable service product 
for your customers that also enhances
your brand identity?

Our Care & Repair products can be supplied in your colour range with your own logo and corporate identity. In cooperation with our marketing department, we design a tailor-made label. In this way, you can offer your customers a distinctive service level and at the same time have a powerful marketing tool at your disposal .

Do you need an audit of your paint department 
to optimize the paint process?

Dan kunnen wij u heel wat expertise aanreiken als partner van de SppotThen we can offer you a lot of expertise as a partner of the Sppot. After all, the Sppot is a unique eco-system that focuses specifically on the sports & leisure industry. Several European partners make their network and knowledge available for the benefit of this specific branch of industry. We will gladly put you in touch with the right partner for your specific question.