Doorsnede van een wit raamprofiel in kunststof

Do you regularly get questions from customers 
 how to touch up paint damage?  

In many cases, this is a rather inconvenient question where, however, our repair products can provide relief. The repair products are specifically made by us according to colour, regardless of whether it involves 1 brush bottle or hundreds of spray cans. Moreover, we can supply these products to you as a system supplier under a private label. Or you can have your customers order directly from us so that you are completely relieved in this process.

Are there solutions for the painting or colouring of 
small parts whose colour must be matched to 
aluminium or PVC profiles?

Absolutely! Our unrivalled colour database contains the most common powder coating colours and foil colours, enabling us to supply almost any colour in spray cans or tins from 1 litre upwards. Our water-based pens are also widely used, for example, to touch up the mitres of PVC windows. 

Over time, lacquered profiles undergo process, 
making them look less and less new.
Is there anywhere this can be avoided?

This is certainly the case. The quality of the lacquer used plays an important role in this. After all, UV resistance can vary quite a bit from lacquer to lacquer. A quality lacquer can ensure that this process is at least slowed down. In addition, our water-based maintenance products, available both separately and in sets, offer an elegant solution to this specific problem. By supplying these products under private label, your brand and service levels are immediately raised a notch.