Dark profiles exude class and provide your projects with a modern look. However, they come with a downside: they deform during hot days. That is where we are happy to offer the right solution, namely Duthoo Cool Pigment. This makes your black paint reflect as if it were white. Indeed, Cool Pigment enhances the reflection of infrared radiation and ensures a lower temperature on the painted surface. This innovation reduces heating and mechanical stress on the metal or plastic. This then ensures better colour stability, gloss and mechanical properties of the paint.

Duthoo Cool Pigment thus ensures that dark profiles or panels no longer distort due to heat. Consequently, your windows and doors remain as tight despite bright sunlight. In addition, the pigment allows you to reduce energy costs for cooling the building.

Cool Pigment is suitable for black and dark colours in high gloss, semi-gloss and matt. It is available in both solvent-based and water-based variants.