Een automatische, grijze sectionaalpoort die grenst aan een huis met oprit er voor

Duthoo developed its own water-based paint system, Hydrocoat, with a view to ecologically preserving PVC, aluminium & other metal surfaces. After the initial launch already several years ago, an updated version was released in 2023, reducing the number of harmful VOCs compared to traditional solvent systems by 90%.

Besides the 1C and DTM quality, a 2C system can be chosen, characterised among other things by high UV resistance and high covering power. In terms of colour effects, too, the possibilities are almost unlimited: smooth, fine-textured, with or without metallics, etc. The wide range of basecoats, colour lacquers and clearcoats enables us to develop almost all powder lacquer colours in liquid coating.

Further developments such as Duthoo Cool Pigment offer solutions in the field of temperature control. This is because Cool Pigment improves the reflection of infrared radiation, which reduces the heating of the painted surface and therefore reduces its susceptibility to mechanical deformation.

Read more about Duthoo Hydrocoat in our brochure.