Een groot gebouw dat nog vrij ruw is en volop wordt gebouwd met enkel de betonnen fundering

Are there parts you would like to repair, 
but cannot paint easily?  

This is where our range of repair products can give you a hand. Repair products are available in the form of aerosols, markers, retouching bottles & cans so you can repair damage in any situation. This can be done in a powder color of your choice. While you can choose from our extensive standard color database, it is also possible to opt for customized color development.

Do you think a flawless finish is important 
so your surfaces are clean?

Within our range, you can find various cleaning products to degrease and clean your substrates. This for synthetic surfaces, non-ferrous metals, powder-coated metals, PVC, windows, ... These products are suitable for removing grease, soot, oil, fuel oil, graphite, moss, insect tracks, petrol and even cement.

Is the paint damage too big to fix yourself?

Then we are happy to refer you to one of our partners, who can take care of professional repainting on site.