Wit raam met donkere contrasten en uitzicht op een binnenplein met veel groen

You are wondering what we can do for you, 
given that aluminium is usually powder coated?  

If you have certain parts that are not yet painted or cannot be powder-coated, we have the proper solution. We can reproduce the required color in wet lacquer. Initially, you can check whether a color from our standard color database matches what you are looking for. If not, we are ready to develop your color using a sample or powder code. For this, you have to count on a slightly longer delivery time.

Are you looking for the right film colour for your PVC?

Discover the range of foil colors at Duthoo, where we have an extensive selection that perfectly matches the finish of PVC. Durability, colorfastness and easy maintenance are at the heart of our range, ensuring that your investment lasts.

Are you looking for repair or maintenance 
products for aluminium & PVC?


Winsol about Duthoo:

Notwithstanding the more expensive price level, we choose Duthoo, with whom we already have a long-standing cooperation, because of the solid quality, good delivery reliability and especially the service and solution orientation with which questions and problems are solved.